Pay Per Lead

We charge only for qualified leads that you receive. All you have to do is answer your phone and run your business.

Example Campaign Pricing

  • Plumbing: $65 per validated lead
  • Landscaping: $60 per lead for commercial leads, $35 for residential
  • Water Damage/Restoration: $275 per lead

Pricing Details

  • Setup Fee: $199
  • Monthly Maintenance Fee: $30

How it Works for You

Our Customer Joe pays $65 per lead and gets 3 leads per day. His spend is $195 per day. If he closes 2 of the 3 validated leads with an average job revenue of $350 he would profit $505 for that day.

Frequently Ask Questions

How does this actually work?

We find out about your business and what kind of leads you need. We then will target people who are already looking for you and then you ONLY pay when...

What if it’s a bad call?

If it’s a bad call, ex: wrong phone number then you not have to pay for that call and you will get a credit. All the calls are recorded for...

What if I need to stop my leads?

You have total control of when you start and stop your leads. You can easily pause them until you are ready to come back and take leads again. This way...

How much does it actually cost?

The actual cost will be determined by the type of business you are located in and the actual location you are wanted to reach people. We will have to talk...